One of the good things about wearing a gel nail polish is that it can stay up for two-three weeks. So, if your pretty gel nail polish starts to lift its shell, it can be irritating and frustrating. Don’t fret! Generally speaking, there are lots of easy tips and tricks you can follow for your gel lifting problems. Today’s article will surely help you to make your gel nail polish lifting manageable.

  1. Make Sure that Your Hand is Always Dry

Before painting your nails, make sure that your hand is always dry. Most importantly, don’t paint your nails right after you shower. Also, don’t wash your hands right away before painting, always make sure to keep them dry before putting any color onto it.

  1.  Don’t Forget to Buff Your Nails

Buffing can help to make your nails intact and in good condition. Make sure to buff in one direction only. Because, you’re making your nails to feel rough, and not to make them smooth. When the nails are soft, it makes painting more difficult. Plus, if you happened to bluff in a different direction, expect that you might over-buff.

  1. Make Use of the Alcohol

Using rubbing alcohol can make your nails clean after buffing. Because if extra nails debris is present in your nails, it can cause the gel polish to lift. For better cleaning result, it is recommended to use a 91% rubbing alcohol to your nails.

  1. Don’t Forget the Alcohol

Since the main goal is to make your nails dry, using acetone can help to make them dehydrated. You may use a clean nail brush, then dip it in the acetone basin. After that, brush the acetone through your nails and wait for it to dry.

  1. Try Using Different Base Coats

As you may know, there are brands of base coats that are perfect to wear, but harder to remove, and vice versa. Besides, basecoats that are too easy to remove has the most problems with lifting. So, if you have a problem with gel lifting, consider switching up with a different base coat. Some coats like Constructoressemipermanentes can be useful for removal and at the same time perfect for lifting problems.

  1. Make Sure You Follow Step #1-5

If you happen to skip any of the steps mentioned above, it can cause a gel nail lifting in the future. Steps like cleansing, buffing, and drying up are all essential steps that you must need to follow. Also, don’t forget to paint your nails appropriately for a better result.

  1. Avoid Cuticles and Nail Edges

For you to have a beautiful gel nail polish, always avoid the cuticles and nail edges when painting. Though it’s so hard to do this, practice makes perfect. It is also advisable to use a thin brush that’s dipped in acetone. Using this brush can clean up unwanted cuticles and nail edges.