Before he became the Phantom of the Opera Michael Crawford enjoyed great success as the accident prone one-man disaster area Frank Spencer in the show “Some Mothers do Ave em”. This was a reference to the madness that Frank seemed to generate whilst usually escaping unscathed himself. Frank believed himself to be super confident when it came to DIY and thought himself to be a dab hand with a Workshop Bench. He never owned a car as his attempts to drive saw him half reverse off a cliff and when he did take a test he drove off a pier asking his Examiner “Have I passed?” afterward. That’s a shameas it would have been nice to have a garage as he would have needed a bit of shelving for the all the dodgy stuff he tried to make. could have helped him out with that.

The success of the Spencer character saw more series commissioned. With his trademark Beret and Trench coatand a string of easy to impersonate catchphrase’s and mannerisms he became a popular figure with the public. They saw Frank as the tryer he was, and he certainly was trying. Frank was an example of all of us as he was fallible. Whilst we may not have been as unlucky as him, or lucky if you consider the amount scrapes he survived, we recognised that many of the situations he found himself in such as interviews or aptitude tests were similar to how we felt when faced with these big life challenges. He was supported throughout by his wife Betty. Long suffering is a word well chosen to describe her, but she stands by her Man with a very obvious love and affection. They have daughter that it is clear Frank adores and she recognises that despite his many faults Frank is inherently a good, honest, decent human being.

Here are some of Franks top DIY disasters. It should be noted that Crawford did all the stunts himself.

  1. Frank manages to destroy the electrics in Betty’s brothers house by somehow flushing slippers down the loo and attempts plumbing.
  2. In an attempt at a second honeymoon Frank and Betty stay at a run-down hotel. Frank decides to fix up the room resulting in more torn lino, a damaged wardrobe, which was being used to cover a large hole Frank had made in the floor trying to fix the lino.
  3. Frank is to appear on Man about the house. He leads the presenter around a series of disasters culminating in the shed almost collapsing on them both.
  4. Frank and Betty move to a new house. Frank states as they leave that he has made some improvements over the years. As he closed the door the entire structure collapses.
  5. Frank sticks himself and several others to a chair with super glue whilst he attempts to move a dodgy looking Wendy house he has made for Jessica.