At their core feedback forms exist for a single reason: To gather opinions from people who encounter your business and its brand, products, or services. That in itself should hint at the importance of feedback forms – but unfortunately they are often undervalued.

In actual fact feedback forms play an important role, and there are many reasons why that is the case:

  • As a measure of customer satisfaction 

Customer satisfaction is a difficult metric to gauge, and many businesses often make the mistake of assuming that just because their bottom line is healthy – all their customers are satisfied. Feedback forms can provide an avenue for customers to express their satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) so businesses can act on it before it impacts their market share or revenue.

  • As a way to improve products or services 

Knowing what your customers think about the products or services that you offer is worth its weight in gold. In fact many businesses invest heavily in market research when creating a new product or service to acquire that very information.

By using feedback forms you can learn about what customers think of your products and services on an ongoing basis, and make improvements to them based on that data.

  • As a method to engage and involve customers 

Asking your customers to let you know what they think will demonstrate how much you value their opinion. It will let them get involved in shaping your business and its products or services, and help you to engage them more effectively.

Ultimately your feedback form could help you to improve customer loyalty and strengthen your relationship with them. Of course to truly do that you need to prove that you value their opinion by acting on it.

  • As a tactic to retain more customers 

It may sound odd, but a feedback form can be an extremely effective tactic to retain customers who may otherwise look elsewhere for a class of products or services. Simply put they provide a way for dissatisfied customers to voice out their frustrations, and give you a chance to take action based on that and address their issues – which will improve your business in the process.

Considering the importance of feedback forms, you should start to create your own if you haven’t already done so. Nowadays there are easy ways to create feedback forms, and for example you could use AidaForm and follow the steps at

Seeing as you now understand the importance of feedback forms, you should be sure to make full use of them to gather as much data as you can from your customers. Don’t forget to take on board both praise and criticism alike – and act on them.