Before knowing how to write the Letter of Interest first of all we have to know what is letter of interest. This will be the pre-qualifying for the stated services and this will be send before sending any request for the proposal.

When you need to touch the base with the potential employers without greatly with your ten page resume, you can better send the letter of interest instead of that. Before filling up the complete application, think of the warm up gesture. In the letter, you should basically mention about your background, your qualification and the achievements briefly. All these information should match with the organization needs.

How to write the Letter of Interest

Like all other letters, this letter of interest will work best only when done right.

  1. Address it to someone first. Sending it to the company and make a hope on somebody will take a notice into that is literally like a shot in the dark. Because, most of the time, you will end up missing. If you do not even have the initiative to find about the contact person, then you are not able to expect the employers to take seriously.
  2. Always maintain a professional tone. This letter of interest will be a business document. As such, it ought to have written with the professional quality that you had given to any type of business communication. It does not have to be too formal, but you should be noted that the writing sounds should be dignified and very respectful.
  3. It should include full details about you, because you are interested to get the job in the company. So your letter should create the interest to hire you. To do that, you should place the important details that specifically qualified for the position you are applying for.
  4. Express your full knowledge about the company. Because you are writing the unwelcomed letter of interest, it is understood that you should know something about company. Show detailed about why you are selecting them in your letter.
  5. Create an error free letter. From the time they opened your letter, you are going to be evaluated. If any mechanical or the grammatical errors occurred in your document, then your chance as a candidate takes an immediate hit. So make sure that you send a clean letter by verified by proofreading software.