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Ways to Save on Van Insurance in Northern Ireland 1

Ways to Save on Van Insurance in Northern Ireland


If you reduce your voluntary excess, you might be able to reduce your insurance premiums. But please note; when you do this, if you make a claim, you will need to pay this excess, so think about this carefully and decide if it makes financial sense for you.


You can save money by fitting your vehicle with an approved immobilizer or security system. It might also be worth considering adding a tracker. This way, if your van does indeed go AWOL, you at least stand a pretty good chance of getting it back. Another big tick for getting a discount on your van insurance NI premium is parking your vehicle somewhere that is safe and secure, such as a garage or secured area with a gate and lighting.

Claim your no claims

Good Northern Irish drivers that have years of no claims bonus’ are rewarded with lower premiums. If you have a decent driving history in Northern Ireland, ask your insurance company if they will take that into consideration. Many providers will ‘mirror’ any no claims bonus that you may have built up on an existing car insurance policy. If you haven’t accumulated any no claims bonus on your NI van insurance yet, you will be able to build up your no claims on your van after as little as a year, so you could see some rewards when it comes time to renew.

Pay annually

A simple way to reduce your van insurance premium is to pay the full premium up front, all at once. Interest is typically charged if you pay monthly.

Ways to Save on Van Insurance in Northern Ireland

Tell people who you are

In general ‘pimping’ up your ride is not a good idea. Anything that is ‘off spec’ generally increases insurance costs. The reason for this is the more you customise a vehicle, the more expensive and potentially more difficult it is to find the parts and to repair it.

That said, if you customise your NI van with a company logo or advertising then you could very well attract lower van insurance costs. This is because thieves are no doubt less likely to steal something that can be easily identified.

Be honest and be accurate

Always be upfront about what you are using your van NI for. Missing important or incorrect information will work against you should you ever  need to make a claim. Also, be as accurate as possible when it comes to declaring your mileage.

Additional drivers

You might be a fantastic driver who has a clean licence, but adding a second driver can sometimes result in lower premiums. NI drivers who have points on their license or anyone that is under 25 will push up your premium. However, adding an additional named driver that has a good driving history and clean driving licence can reduce your premium.


Probably the best and most straightforward way to find the lowest price on  van insurance NI is to simply compare insurance providers. Cheap van insurance is not always the best insurance. Think about the level of cover you will need if you should need to make a claim, or you might end up paying more in the long run.

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