Being highly fashionable doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Even if have an Old Navy budget with Gucci tastes, you can still look like a million bucks without going broke. And even if you have scrounge up the money to buy the latest, top dollar trends, it will be unwise to buy them especially when the style may last only a season anyway.

Valuable Fashion Tips

Because of this, it will behoove you to become more shopper savvy. Not only will you look very fashionable, but you will also live within your means to maintain your household and save especially during uncertain times. The following includes several tips when it comes to smart shopping where you still can look highly fashionable:

  1. A durable handbag– you can reasonably budget in a quality handbag which is really worth the investment. Furthermore, you may be surprised at the savings you’ll find due to many of them going on sale.
  1. Weighty accessories– choosing and styling inexpensive jewelry can improve any outfit. Choosing clear crystals instead of plastic gemstones, or darker metals instead of excessively shiny metals will go a long way, for instance. Also, adding weightier metals instead of flimsy ones are spectacular choices. For a more classic appeal, a leather watch or a metal does the trick.

  1. Classic coat collection– no matter what you are wearing underneath, an amazing jacket will make you stand out. Classics normally last forever, and thus, a classic coat will serve as a closet staple that’s very long lasting. Fabulous classic coats can be raw denim, a black leather jacket, a belted trench, or a camel, navy, or black pea coat, for instance.
  1. Don’t look down at second-hand stores– people may look down their noses at second-hand stores, but you will be amazed of how many gently-used, high-end clothes you will find. And furthermore, second-hand stores are particularly wonderful when looking for those highly stylish suits for job interviews or for finding those near new maternity clothes that you’ll only need for a while.
  1. Getting your clothes tailored– it’s incredible the difference some loose, bunch-up clothes will look when tailored on one’s physique. A fast nip and tuck will make a $25 dress look custom made. And for a new pair of pants, you’ll want the correct hemming, like an inch below or the ankle area for trousers and jeans, just above the wrist for the sleeve length, and just above the knee for pencil skirts.
  1. Avoidance of earthy colors– mossy earth tones can have a dated and drab appeal. It’s best to have more vibrant pastels and jewel tones for a more luxurious look. Also, leopard spots have a classic appeal when it comes to prints and patterns; otherwise, the other types will make you look dated.
  1. Matching of your shoes and bag– for an extra polished look, a matching bag with shoes will always do the trick.
  1. Using neutral nails and minimal makeup– you will look well put together and not overdone or cheap with rosy cheeks, a dab of concealer, a berry lip, and mascara. A sleek blowout is best for expensive-looking hair, and having on no polish is always better than having on chipped polish.
  1. Searching for workmanship– obtaining affordable clothing doesn’t mean flimsy workmanship. You can still find affordable clothing with good, longlasting quality. Thus, it will behoove you to check thoroughly the zippers, buttons, and possible loose threads. If you don’t, you’ll risk obtaining clothes with fallen hems, loose threads, etc.
  1. Avoiding logos and embellishments– clothing with sequins and beads normally look cheap. Also, embellishments in clothing wear quite quickly and easily. Clothes with logos and embellishments may last just a season.
  1. Avoiding trends– trends come and go, but classics are always here to stay. For instance, butterfly hair clips and “Hammer Pants” were in style over 25 years ago, but loafers, pencil skirts, regular denim jeans, and more were in style then, before that time period, and now.
  1. Mixing with costly looking accessories= everything you wear from head to toe doesn’t have to be expensive to look expensive. You can take a basic outfit, such as a pair of jeans and a white v-neck t-shirt, and add an expensive, colorful scarf, a cross-body bag, and an amazing pair of earrings, and you’ll look like a million bucks.
  1. Going monochromatic– piling on a plethora of different patterns and colors will make you look cheap. A splash of color is fine, but wearing mainly a monochromatic tone has an expensive and sophisticated appeal.
  1. Adding some texture– the softest wool, leather, and animal texture are not limited to the rich anymore. Even the faux ones are very stylish and will make your outfit look like expensive. And whether it’s faux leather accents, python prints, or super-soft faux leather, a little texture makes a pricier look. On the other hand, having on tons of different textures or multiple animal prints will give the opposite effect.


It doesn’t matter if your monthly clothing budget is $100 or $10,000, you can still look just as a good with a small clothing budget using the tips mentioned above. Even when it comes to clearance racks, you will be amazed sometimes of the high quality you’ll find.