The muscle building process is tough terrain, as you try to lose your fat you may end up losing your muscle mass too. But the use Anavar will enable the body to retain the lean muscle also getting rid off the excess fat in the body. People on this spree follow a diet, using Anavar will suppress your hunger pangs, hence overeating and accumulation of unwanted fat are curtailed.

It is also seen that the preservation of lean muscle tissue actually helps in increasing metabolism. Oxydrolone in Anavar does this function in women very efficiently. Women use Anavar during the off season, it is very effective in giving the lean tissue muscles which

hard and retain shape. Anavar increases muscle ATP synthesis.

Anavar cycles

 There is a beginners cycle which can suit most of the women and give you the right kind of physique you are looking for.This cycle lasts for 8 weeks wherein the dosage of Anavar is usually the same, that is 10mg per day but if you are pairing it with clen then the clen dosage may begin low as 20mg per day but increase over the period and may reach 100mg per day by the end of the cycle. And if you are also consuming Novaldex, which begins at week 5 of the cycle it starts with 10mg and continues so till the end of the cycle.

The cycle for woman users or who have finished their first cycles successfully (intermediate)

In this cycle the dosage of 10mg per day remains but it is skipped in the 5th and 6th week. In the third week the dosage of clen is started with the usual 20mg per day and increasing the dosage as the weeks of the cycle go by 20mg per day each time as before.

In the beginners cycle

Here primobolan depot is used from the 4th week to the 7th week with 100mg perweek. This above cycle lasts for 12 weeks and it is followed by women while cutting. The next cycle is for bulking. Here the first 12 weeks of 10mg per day with the growth hormone of 2iu per day. The use of Primbolan depot is from week one to week 5. The dosage is of 100mg per week.

The advanced cycle for cutting phase in women is also for twelve weeks and the use of Anavar begins from week 5 to the end of the cycle with 100mg per day. It is paired with winstrol which is taken in the first four weeks of the cycle with 10mg dosage once per day. Primobolan depot is taken from week 5 to week 8 with a dosage of 100mg per week. The cycle for advanced bulking is, the use of Anavar from week 5 to the end of the twelve week cycle is 20mg per day whereas winstrol is used from first week to the the fourth week with10mg once daily. Primobolan depot is taken for the first six weeks with a dosage of 100mg per week.