New mothers need most care during their healing time which is called the confinement period in which they rest for one to several months. There are many companies which provide packed food for such mothers but in Singapore, Ummu Fazwill is a name worth mentioning. Their menu comprises of food that is loaded with a nutritional value which helps women heal faster and replenish depleted nutrition. The confinement meal package contains the following items

  • confinement meal packageMain Course

This comprises of recipes specially prepared considering the nutritional levels. Mainly a course of mean with chicken, beef, and fish which replenish protein levels in the body, along with some vegetables to balance the nutrition.

  • Side dish

This confinement meal package consists of vegetables of high nutritional values like broccoli, asparagus, beetroot, papaya, and tofu. In addition to that, some preparations contain walnuts and other items that are good for overall health.

  • Deserts

These are post-meal preparations loaded with sweetening agents, milk, and nuts that are considered lactate stimulants. This course helps the mothers produce a sufficient amount of milk for the babies.

These recipes have some dishes which are of traditional origin while some are of contemporary fusion. Whichever the case, the food which is supplied is ensured to be of good nutritional value that helps the mother’s body to recover faster in the resting period and support the baby with a good milk supply from mother. The menu is decided after doing good research and some items are strictly avoided as per the traditions, which are not good for the baby and the mother during this period.