The owner rented an official place in Incheon avoiding the crackdown and thus, installed the test server which could work flexibly on a computer on a site. Hur also said he used a perfect programming technique that could be marked with the self-study helping create the automatic extraction program import the Webtoon that was uploaded to all the illegal sites which could be hard through a simple operation. The domestic Webtoart market could fall under the price of 724 billion.


How did the issues come up?

The Webtoon industry has suffered 250 billion won, which could be marked with the involvement of TBD illegal site “Night Rabbit” which was operated by Hur. The Busan Police Agency cybercrime personnel claimed that the Night Rabbit operators, as well as the cyber-crime crew, established a big role with the arrest of the involved ones, it could really mark a significant outcome.

What were the ideas drawn with time?

Choi Ho-Joonwas interviewed.He is a team leader under the cybercriminal investigation team who has a complete description of the idea of the investigation as well as arresting all the criminals. One thing is for sure, Webtoon is very popular. When the site 밤토끼 became famous, it was said by Hur he received 2 million per month to go with the creation of each banner advertisement related to the gambling site, which later received about 10 million. The team became interested in going with the idea of the webtoons, which could draw a notion that the illegal webtoons sites are actually proving to get bigger and bigger.

Why did this become a larger issue?

The operator lives in Cambodia as well as marked that he is difficult to be arrested. It’s also reported that a server, which falls under the location of the United States, is in charge of the uploading of data which could also be marked with the management of passbooks being conducted in Cambodia. The investigation was in progress, and this shows that the servers are being traded overseas.