One of the most successful Rockstar Games’ development, the Grand Theft Auto V, that was released in 2013 earned a record-breaking success in the world of gaming. One testament of its popularity is its online version which was released last year to provide hardcore gta 5 mobile fans and gamers to have a broader spectrum of this exciting open-world game where they can play alongside friends and complete heists and make their own adventures whether they play at gta 5 android or gta 5 ios.

gta 5 android gameplay

Considering that GTA V is a massive game, a lot of beginners are lost midway in the first hours of their gaming sessions that is why in this post, let us take a look at some important tips for beginners of GTA V Online or download the gta 5 apk.

  1. Gather your friends first- There is no more exciting way to play GTA V Online with your friends knowing that this game is completely fun and chaotic at the same time. Play and have fun with GTA V Online especially when you experience the gta 5 android gameplay. Either you can have fun with your friends, or you can get used to the massive and complex world of GTA V alone even when you play gta 5 on phone. The game itself is perfect for multiplayer alongside your friends even when you get gta 5 mobile download. If you could just imagine how fun and exciting it would be when your squad is pulling off heists, doing some adventures and misadventures in GTA V online especially if you have gta 5 apk download. Meanwhile, if you want to play it all by yourself, then you have to be prepared because you do not know what will happen next especially when you come across crazy players like the mobile gta 5.
  2. Obtain your tracker and insurance- You have a lot of fancy cars that you can choose from in the single-player version of GTA V or the android gta 5, but, in GTA Online, your favorite car might be in another player’s garage even when you have features from gta 5 download. In the single-player mode, you can easily steal someone’s car, however, in the GTA V Online, it can be the same, except that other player, which means real-life people, can even steal yours like the gta v ios. However, Rockstar Games made sure to provide the players two useful tools during the game to ensure that even if your cars get stolen, you can get them back easily through a tracker that prevents thieves from stealing your car permanently by tracking them down where they hide your car through the radar that comes with the tracker like the game in gta 5 for android. Or you can use your insurance which works like real-life insurance where you are compensated for your stolen property.
  3. Map Awareness- To prevent from being ambushed by rival groups and other online players, map awareness just like other online multiplayer games, is completely important in order for you to stay alive. You can often see some white dots on the mini-map which represents other online players, considering that GTA online players are completely aggressive compared to single players NPC, you have to be completely aware of your surroundings for any ambushes or free for all.
  4. Build your arsenal- In GTA V Online, you may not entirely need to purchase weapons considering that you can easily grab these from your fallen enemies, however, in the online version, your safety should be your utmost concern, and therefore, you have to amass guns for self-protection. You can choose whatever weapon you want, but always choose the ones that you can always rely on just like the gta v ios .