Surely by now, you have got the hang of playing the Monster Legends game, but for the beginners, it is still a mystery as to which monster is the best they should put their money on. So mentioned under are the top 7 monsters from the game Monster Legends.

  1. VoltaiK

This monster is known for his speed and agility. He has a stamina to beat the entire team of monsters in one go. He is the thunder based monster and is very cool. He is extremely vulnerable to Earth element based monsters. You can get more information on him on

  1. General Atum

Surely one of the popular generals in the Monster legends Game. Belonging to the Earth element and vulnerable to the Dark element based monsters, General Atumhas got an exceptional talent during the battles. You can also buy him with diamonds, and in case you are playing a team game, he can be your best bet.

  1. General Thetys

She is a very strong contender and has great abilities and is extremely gifted and talented. She is a must-have in your arsenal. She belongs to the water element and is vulnerable to the Thunder element. She is tough and can be equipped using a sword relic.

  1. General Nishant

A brilliant attacker and very powerful for his opponents. He is from the Dark element and is vulnerable to the Light element based monsters. General Nishant can be equipped with any banner or mask relic.

  1. General Darmith

He is indeed one of the best monsters you can lay your hands on. Hailing from the Fire element and vulnerable to the Water element, General Darmith is a true challenge to it adversaries of other element based monsters.

  1. Barbatos

This one has got the powerful moves and has an extremely massive stamina to fight his enemies. Hailing from the Dark Element and vulnerable to the Light element, this monster uses sword as his power weapon in his arsenal.

  1. Griffin

Born from the Thunder Element, this eagle looking monster is surely the coolest and fastest you can own. His pecks are too powerful to handle and it is all so sudden and stunning that the enemy would not be even able to realise the damage. He is vulnerable to Earth element based monsters. He has a sight of an eagle and majestically divine powers.