Our smart phones have changed the way we click pictures, isn’t it? Each time you are dressed up for an event, or working out, or in fact, just sitting by the window fiddling with your phone, the one thing that you can’t stop yourself from doing is click a picture. Once clicked, you use all sorts of filters to get an image that looks cool and stylish.

But, you stop short before sharing it. The background doesn’t look as appealing as the main picture and you wish you could do something about that. But, alas, no amount of filters can erase the background image and you delete the picture altogether.

With the help of a Photo editor like, for example, the Movavi Photo Editor app https://www.movavi.com/support/how-to/how-to-change-photo-background.html, you can erase the background, add a new background, crop the picture and add effects that gives your picture a whole new look.

How to edit photos with a Photo Editor?

Editing photos can be easy. The user-friendly apps that have been developed for the purpose can be downloaded for free on Windows and Apple products. They have instructions that help you do the entire process in a jiffy!

Once you install the photo editor, open the app and then browse through your album. You will find many pictures that could be enhanced by editing.

Editing your pictures:

Once you choose the picture, bring it onto the working area of the editing program. There, in the tab, you use a green foreground brush to mark the objects that you want in the photo and a red background brush to mark the background that you wish to edit.

Do look carefully. You might find certain aspects of the picture that could be improved by editing. Also, think about the new background that you wish to have.

Once you select the objects that you don’t want or wish to retain, you need to paint over their borders to either add or remove the areas.

Finer details of your picture like hair, of animal fur needs to be given a careful marking so that it doesn’t lose its natural look after the editing. You could use the hair selection tool for these details.

Changing the background:

You will now see your picture displayed on a transparent background. All you need to do is add the color of your choice. Pick a color that enhances the entire picture.

Either you choose a plain color for the background, or you might even have an image in your album that you would like to select as background. For example, a nature background like a garden, a sunset or a beach could be used as a background.

Once you have selected the background picture, upload it and apply it. Finally, after you are satisfied by the result, save the picture.

Voila! You can now flaunt the perfect picture!

You could also crop or flip pictures with this app. You may also edit the image with the help of filters, retouch blemishes and improve the entire quality of the picture.


With the various apps that are created today, clicking pictures and editing them has become child’s play. You won’t need to enlist the help of a photographer. Just use the app and get the pictures of your dreams.