There are some incredibly large vehicles out there, the type we just don’t see on a daily basis. From boats to planes to pick-up trucks, humans know no limit when it comes to creating awesome machines. Here are some of the biggest in the world:

Ukrainian Antonov

Developed in 1988, the purpose of this plane was to act as transport for the Soviet Union’s space shuttle. It broke several world records for its mighty payload, the biggest being almost 600,000 pounds. After the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1991, the plane became part of Ukrainian stock and continued to be used by several military forces to aid coalition forces in the Middle East. A new version is currently in production at a staggering cost of $300 million.

Saturn V Rocket

The Saturn V takes the title of most powerful rocket to ever be launched into space. It was also the tallest and heaviest. It helped put men on the moon in 1969 and generated over 7,000,000 pounds of force during launch. It travelled at an amazing 2.58 km per second before lowering speed as it entered space.

Char 2C Tank

A French tank which was 10m in length and able to transport 12 crew members was the biggest ever vehicle to be used in conflict. Due to its sheer size though, it was slow and ineffective but a great propaganda tool for the French none-the-less. Not many of these giant vehicles can be experienced by us normal folk but if you do hanker after some Tank Driving Experience yourself, Tank Driving Experience are available to  buy at

Zeppelin Airship

The Hindenburg was the biggest airship ever constructed and a seriously luxurious way to travel back in the early 20th century. It was transformed into a military tool during the First World War and used for bombing raids. Between the two world wars, the zeppelin experienced much popularity and the biggest one, called the Graf Zeppelin was a whopping 235 m long. All futures were dashed though when the terrible Hindenburg disaster occurred.

Zeppelin Airship

Zubr-Class Hovercraft.

Developed in the Soviet Union, this beast still operates for the forces of Russia, Ukraine, Greece and China. This incredible hovercraft can carry 3 tanks or 500 personnel, measuring 57 metres long and capable of speeds of 55 knots.

Typhoon-Class submarine

The largest submarine ever built is capable of diving down to 1,300 feet for up to 4 months at a time. It’s an impressive 570 feet long and although it was built in 1980s from 1960s designs, it remains a quiet, stealthy and highly manoeuvrable nuclear-powered monster of the deep.