A wine tasting party is a great way to gather friends, family and new acquaintances in a relaxed atmosphere where people can share their love and knowledge of wine. What prevents many people from having a party with wine and cheese is that they think they need to be. But you do not need to know much about wine in order to have a successful party.

Here are a few wine tasting party ideas to prepare you for your own wine tasting party.

How to start?

First you need to decide what type of tasting you want to arrange. You can have a party with a vertical or horizontal price or a party with wine and cheese. It all depends on your budget and the number of guests you intend to invite. Then you will want to send invitations in at least a couple of weeks. As with any party, it is best to ask guests to visit RSVP so that you know exactly how many bottles of wine you will need.

Wine tasting

One of the easiest ideas for a wine tasting party portsmouth ri is a simple, fun wine tasting game. Buy or design your own tasting cards that show the type of wine, vineyard and year of production. Make sure that each person has a card on which he can record the appearance, taste, aroma and overall rating of the wine. Less experienced wine tasters should probably only evaluate the wines they like best and the wines they don’t need. They can then listen and learn from other guests and perhaps take part in a more involved wine tasting and win at the next party.

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However, if you have an experienced group of wine tasters, you can decide to do something more complicated and insist on blind tasting. In this case, you still give your guest their tasting cards, but you pour all the wines without revealing the label (just put the bottles in brown paper bags).

Jewelry and entertainment

The great thing about this type of event is that you don’t have to do everything you can and buy what you may not already have in your house. All you need is a good-sized table and a white tablecloth on which you can put all the wines. In terms of activities, it is often nice to break the ice and start the evening with a few wine quizzes. You can reward the winner of each game with a small prize or a gift for the party.

What do you need?

  • Four to six bottles of wine
  • Some light snacks like cheese and crackers
  • A few loaves of French or bread
  • A jug of water to clean the taste between tastings
  • A bucket or dump truck for guests to spit out wine
  • Glasses
  • Evaluation Cards