4 Criteria How to Determine whether Labiaplasty is Correct Way for You

Intimate self esteem is just as important as the whole body and positive mindset. Some women, especially after birth, experience excess tissue on their labia. Maybe it hang a little bit lower than before and rubagainst clothing. This can become very uncomfortable. Some women then decided to do labiaplasty to correct prominent or enlarged labia minora and majora in short time. It is good idea if you choose us as labiaplasty colorado to help you do labiaplasty.

To find out if you really are a prime candidate for labiaplasty, here are 3 criteria to help you distinguish if you might be in the running.

  1. Over 18 years old

It is recommended to wait considering labiaplasty until you over the age of 18 or at least after you’ve gone through puberty. If you are under 18, you will have to get parental consent to undergo this procedure. Young women who have expanded the labia might not need surgery, labia come in all shapes and sizes, these differences all plain. Only recommended if the labia labiaplasty causes severe emotional distress or physically uncomfortable.

  1. Non-smoker

Smoking increases the amount of bleeding during surgery, so if you’re a smoker you will have to finish before the surgery. It’s as simple as that.

  1. In Good Health

If you don’t have any existing health conditions and overall health, are you able to probably on labiaplasty, excluding pregnant women. Childbirth may change the shape of the labia, as it encourages at least wait for a year before labiaplasty surgery.

  1. Consult with the Doctor

Go for a consultation, we are as labiaplasty colorado will check your conditions before labiaplasty srgery. The doctor will check labia hypertrophy by looking at your vagina. If you don’t have this, or that you have the labia and sought not because of birth, they may not perform surgery. You don’t need surgery if your labia is normal. If you are not satisfied with this and still feel you labia don’t look correct, your doctor may refer you to speak to a psychologist or Counselor about your fears.