Excess weight is never a good thing for the body, especially, when you are pregnant. Bringing a new life into this world is a tough job that has to be handled seriously. Overweight pregnant women need to be in constant monitoring of the doctors and midwives so that any complication can be arrested right at the time it starts and controlled. Being overweight puts you at the risk of several complications.

Risks of being overweight

  • Gestational diabetes is one of the top most ailments that you can get if you are overweight. The term refers to diabetes that is diagnosed first when you are pregnant. You might need toi deliver the baby with a C-section in such cases. Also, women with gestational diabetes have more chances of getting diabetes in future.
  • Sleep apnea is another condition that also happens during this time. Patients of sleep apnea stop breathing for short periods in their sleep. It enhances blood pressure eclampsia, preeclampsia, heart disorder and also causes fatigue.
  • Preeclampsia is a blood pressure problem that occurs from excessive weight. As the pressure shoots up, chances are that the woman can have a seizure, stroke, and even liver and kidney failure.

How is the baby affected by the excess weight?

Being overweight increases the medical risk of both mother and baby.

  • Overweight women have greater chances of miscarriage in comparison to other women.
  • The excess weight is often responsible for birth defects such as a problem in the neural tube of the heart.
  • During pregnancy ultrasound scans are very important for determining the growth of the baby and any kind of complications. But excessive fat makes it difficult to get sound reading and visibility.
  • In case the child is larger than usually it might get injured in the course of delivery. Also, a caesarian delivery becomes very important if the body fat is too much.
  • Obesity also leads to preterm birth if the mother develops preeclampsia. Babies born before 39 weeks do not develop properly and it becomes difficult to save them. They have greater chances of both long and short term health problems.
  • Still birth is yet another problem that obese women face. Greater BMI indicates more chances of still birth.

Getting rid of the fat before pregnancy

For women with a tendency of getting obese, losing weight before pregnancy is the best option. This is because there are hardly any medications during pregnancy which will help in losing weight. It is hardly possible and definitely not advisable. Resorting to crash diets or going without food is not the way to lose weight either. Opt for a healthy diet and exercise to shed the extra kilos. Speak to your doctor before conceiving and move in a planned manner.

Even if you have conceived with your overweight, remember that many medicines for pregnant women are available but it is best to stay away from them as much as possible. With a bit of caution, healthy food and exercise you can have a safe pregnancy.