Since most employers nowadays are demanding pre-employment drug tests and developing random policies that will give them legal ability to test employees, most people started searching how long drugs are staying in our system in overall.

Since the abuse of prescription drugs reached the point of the epidemic, that also increased the amount of drugged driving incidents, so by understanding how long they can stay in your system, you will be able to pass a drug test and prevent contract termination and even more significant consequences from law enforcement.

By checking this particular website:, you will be able to learn how to pass each drug test based on the most common types that employers are conducting. Have in mind that it is challenging to determine how long drugs stay in your systembecause it depends on numerous factors and variables.

Too Many Factors

The problem is that we cannot make and determine the exact timetable on how long some drug will stay in your saliva, blood or urinebecause it depends on various factors that are specific individual because each body processes drugs in a different rate and metabolic rates are also changing when compared with other people.

Drug detection times can depend on an individual’s metabolic rate, which means that it can vary and we cannot say an exact timetable.

At the same time, metabolic rates depend on your overall health, diet, exercise, body mass index, body fat and other factors that will determine the amount of time you will need to cleanse yourself thoroughly.

Have in mind that faster your metabolic rate is, you will need less time to detoxify and cleanse your organism from drug byproducts and metabolites inside your body and urine.

  • Body Mass and Hydration – Body mass and levels of hydration are also vital when it comes to cleansing your body. If you add drug tolerance and physical activity to the equation, we cannot determine the exact amount of how long it will stay in your body. You should have in mind that if you have increased fatty tissues, you would need longer time to detoxify because some drugs, as well as their byproducts and metabolites, will stay inside thefatty tissue such as THC from the most popular illegal drug in the world marijuana.
  • Amount Of Use – Another essential factor that you should have in mind is the frequency and amount of drug abuse that you have. It is logical assumption that a person who used it only once will require less time for cleansing when compared with long-term and heavy abusers that used it for an extended At the same time, frequent users can increase the concentration of drugs and its metabolites in the system so you will need months until you can thoroughly cleanse yourself and be negative on a drug test. Have in mind that more acidic your urine is, you will need less time to wash byproducts and metabolites from it.
  • Hair Follicle Drug Test – Even though it is not as common for pre-employment purposes because it is expensive, have in mind that factors we have mentioned above will not affect this particular drug test. Therefore, we can easily say that it is one of the most challenging tests to tamper with and it can quickly detect long-term usage up to three months from the last consumption. On the other hand, hair follicle drug tests have some downsides because you will need between seven to ten days for drugs to show up inside. Therefore, they are not efficient for checking the recent usage, but they are more addition to saliva test that will provide you a short window of detection so that you can make an appropriate
  • It Doesn’t Have Exact Timetable – Since we’ve mentioned numerous factors that can affect the visibility of drugs and its metabolites inside your system, researchers cannot nail down the accurate timetable for detection of specific and individual drugs when it comes to standardized The best thing that they can do is to create an approximate range as well as detection window that will give you insight on possibilities. The timetables are developed based on the results and research according to the American Association for Clinical Chemistry.


Different Types of Drugs and Timetable Range

It is vital to use these figures only as a range, and not with the exact idea. Have in mind that more you used, the more you will need to cleanse yourself, which means that this is a standardtimetable, which creates a balance between short and long term users.

  • Alcohol – Alcohol metabolites will remain in blood between ten and twelve hours, while they can stay in urine between three and five days depending on dosage.
  • Amphetamines – Speed will stay in the blood for twelve hours, while in urine between one and three days depending on your metabolic rate and frequency of usage.
  • Barbiturates – Even though they are legal, some employers will not allow you to use them on working place, which means that they will stay up to two days in blood and up to four days in urine. You should click here if you wish to learn more on this particular type of prescription drugs.
  • Benzodiazepines – This particular type of drugs will stay three days in blood and employer can detect their presence in urine for up to six weeks after last consumption.
  • Cannabis – It will stay in your blood for up to two weeks, but if you are a long-term user, you will need up to three months to thoroughly cleanse yourself.
  • Cocaine – Have in mind that cokewill not last long both in blood and urine, and you will be able to cleanse yourself in a matter of days.
  • Heroin – Heroin will last up to twelve hours in blood and between three and four days in urine until you deplete every single piece of metabolites.
  • Morphine – Morphine is similar to heroin, and when compared with it, it will leave your system much faster, which means that you will need up to eight hours for blood and three days in urine.