Even though the usage of e-cigarettes common in these days and this offers many benefits to the users, still this has some drawbacks with it. One main thing is that the juice manufactured to vape on e-cigarettes. This is the major difference when we start comparing this with the conventional cigarette. In order to fulfill the requirement of the users and offer great flavors with the e-cig, the cheap e cig juice has made. Let us discuss some common three flavors used for electronic cigarette.

Cherry flavor: People like cherry fruits more and they are good in taste and sweet. People like to have cherry flavor in an electronic cigarette. Cherry fruit conjures up as many sorts of things like romance and depth and good extravagance. Cherry flavor put on by the cherry pie, crimp son and cherry jam and ripened fruit all collected fresh to get the flavor of cherry in electronic cigarettes.

Vanilla flavor: Vanilla is available in chocolates and ice creams and some other products users want vanilla as a flavor in an electronic cigarette. Vanilla is the most popular clean and classic in the world good for relaxing. When users use vanilla flavored electronic cigarette they feel relaxing and unwinding through the vapors of liquid inside the cigarette.

Strawberry flavor: Strawberry is very good for health and skin will be younger when we take strawberries or when it consumed. Therefore, strawberry flavor is in an electronic cigarette. When it is used the user can experience a fresh, clean and clear tasting of strawberries with liquid nicotine taste as it is refilled with nicotine and as well as strawberry flavored liquid.

Therefore, anyone can choose any type of flavor as his or her wish. Everything based on the person and not the manufacturer. Choose your flavor as your needs.