A lot of people who are not happy with wearing spectacles choose to go for an eye surgery to get their vision fixed. Laser eye surgery has been used by millions of people around the world to get rid of glasses.

If you have been considering LASIK surgery for yourself, our guide should be helpful in picking the right doctor to get your procedure done.

Your Surgeon’s Experience

One of the most important things you should look for is experience. Your chosen laser eye doctors and surgeons should have performed hundreds if not thousands of laser eye surgeries before you. A high number of surgeries would mean that they have had good practice and you can be confident about going with an experienced surgeon.

Numbers aside, you should also inquire if the surgeon has performed a variety of operations. Laser eye surgeries can range from very simple to highly complex. A surgeon who has worked with a varied complexity of patients is a better option than someone who has only worked on simple procedures.

The Reputation of the Practice

You should do proper research about the clinic’s reputation before committing to the operation. Laser eye surgery is usually permanent.  Going with an unqualified or inexperienced surgeon can do permanent damage to your eyes.

Speak to your doctor and find out about their qualifications. Most clinics keep a record of their previous patients and success rates which you should be able to look at before making a decision.

If possible, try to get in touch with previous patients from the clinic and find out their opinion of the surgeon and clinic.

Realistic Expectations

A good clinic will provide you as much information as they can about the procedure and the expected improvements in your vision.

Some practices tend to exaggerate the results in order to make you sign up with them. You should do your own research as well about whether LASIK surgery can actually do for you what the doctor is promising.

While a LASIK surgery can correct vision problems to a great extent, there are situations where LASIK cannot improve your eyesight. Good laser eye doctors and surgeons will be honest and open with you about the possibility of improvement as well as situations where LASIK would not be a good option.

The information is meant to help you make the best decision and while it can be tempting to go with the practice that makes lofty claims and promises, you should use good judgment in selecting your surgeon. This can save you disappointment later.


LASIK surgeries have been around for over twenty years and considered very safe with a 96% success rate. The technology is rapidly advancing with improved methods being developed all the time, the SMILE method being one example of that.

Consult your surgeon to find out which technology they are using and whether it is one of the latest methods in laser surgery.

Surgeon Commitment

If performed under the hand of an experience and qualified surgeon, LASIK should give you the expected results. The surgery is quite safe and millions of people have benefitted from it around the world.

A good and experienced surgeon will walk you through the whole process step-by-step. There is a slim chance however that you may not be happy about the results of your surgery.

Before going through the procedure, ask your surgeon if they are willing to fully commit to your eye health and care.

 A committed surgeon may even agree to provide future counseling and treatments for your eye care. It is better to stick with one doctor who knows your eye history because they can recommend good options.