Pregnancy is a journey that is undertaken together by the couple. There comes several times when joint decisions have to be made for the betterment of the child and in those times one cannot show their arrogance or egotism. But for two individuals to agree on a similar topic is hard to even imagine. So if you are pregnant why don’t you try small things together? For instance shopping for baby clothes, baby accessories, sleeping options etc.

Now as fun as shopping for children may sound, it is actually quite overstressing. Everyone tries to do it right. But sadly there is no secret mantra to it. In today’s article I will be discussing about the most preferred newborn sleeping options available and why don’t you tell me if it was easy to pick out just one of these:

  1. Crib– a crib is the most used sleeping option. They are available in a number of shapes, styles and colours. Also, available in various sizes making them even more desirable. The crib structured like a cage that ensures that your child won’t accidently roll off in sleep and hence the baby and you both can have a peaceful sleep.
  2. Bassinet– it is smaller than a crib and another popular option between mothers. One has the benefit of moving it around the house and hence it becomes very user-friendly.
  3. Cradle– the appearance of a cradle is more like a crib but relatively much smaller than it. They are also available with wheels which again makes it easy to move around the house according to the mother’s needs. But the special feature is actually the feature of a relaxing rocking motion that helps in putting the child to sleep even faster. These days much fancier designs have come up.
  4. The co-sleeper– this helps the mother be even closer to the child. A co sleeper is attached to one end of the bed where the mom sleeps. The co- sleeper again looks like a crib but only has an additional feature that it can be attached to the bed as well.
  5. Play- yard– the play yard also known as pack-n-play is a sleeping option for the newborns which is often chosen by parents with a low budget. This option is totally safe and also potable and as I mentioned before, not too costly. This is a very favourable option and parents should definitely consider it.
  6. Baby swing– a baby swing is highly recommended to new parents. It comes in different price range, style and colour. It can be used as a baby soother and a baby entertainer. It is not exactly a sleeping option but definitely soothes the baby which makes the baby feel comfortable and hence falling asleep becomes so much easier.

So, here is my list for sleeping options for the new born baby. All you pregnant couples out there please don’t forget to purchase any one of them. Well they are all so beautiful that the decision is definitely going to be tough.