Tips on How to Decor Home Like Royalty without the Price Tag


It is sometimes tricky to decorate a new house you have just moved into, built or bought. If you cannot think of ideas on your own, don’t worry. There are a few simple strategies you can do or request a designer to do. Going for a designer may mean paying more to implement strategies you can do yourself. You can save enormously by employing some simple tips and tricks that interior designers use to decorate apartments. You can decide to add a few things like mirrors, lighting systems, paintings, and artwork. You can make your room bright, soften the walls and add some warmth to your house easily too. Here are some tips that you can employ to make your home a better place to live.  different textures of fabrics and colors

How to decorate the living room

1.Use soft and bright paintings

You could make your living room look more attractive than any other place in your house pretty easily. The living room should be a comfortable place to sit and rest after a hectic day. Make sure the windows are open enough to refresh the home with natural air regularly too. You can use the bright colors to reflect the natural light that is coming through the doors and the windows. You can also use the decorative mirrors to make the living room look more spacious than the actual size.

2.Use both inexpensive and expensive furniture

The way you decorate your living room reflects your style and personality. There is nothing wrong with placing both old and modern furniture in your house. The old furniture may be memorable of your past while new furniture represents your present. There is nothing better than keeping your history and present memories in your living room. Employing different textures of fabrics and colors brings warmth and variety to your living space.

3.Use slipcovers

You can turn your living space into a comfortable zone by using slipcovers. They may have a bad rap, but they make your furniture look different and beautiful all the time. You can always change the slip covers to match with color and the lighting in the house. The slip covers prevent the furniture from getting dirty and aging, hence making the room look elegant.

4.Add plants, baskets, and bookcases

Plant flowers are the most inexpensive means of adding texture and color to your living room. They are useful in balancing humidity and cleansing the air in the house. The plants make the home look naturally beautiful. Placing bookcases in your house can help you reduce the space that needs to be decorated too. You only need to paint the bookshelf a beautiful bright color to liven up the area on a budget. Wicker basket makes the house look elegant and act as storage for books, towels, toys, and blankets among many things. 

How to decorate the kitchen

Designing a small kitchen is ideal for your house. The small kitchen provides efficient workspaces which reduce the cost of decoration. You need to figure out decorating ideas that will make your kitchen space look attractive, organized and beautiful. The first thing to do is to renovate the kitchen with bright color on the walls. You can add a variety of colors to the cabinets. Your kitchen lighting and color should be good to make it appear spacious. You can look for pot racks to save the space while being mounted on the walls. You can decorate your kitchen by using wall magnets to store spice jars and knives too. Keep the utensils organized by color or use by painting or hanging them on a pegboard. It is a good idea to design uncluttered kitchen counters and add more shelves to increase the counter area for prep and cook. 

How to decorate the Bedroom

We tend not to pay attention to our bedroom yet it is supposed to be the most luxurious place in our homes. It is a high time to make your bedroom a soothing oasis place. It should be conducive to comfort and relaxation. It is essential to choose the type of mattress, pillow, form adjustable waterbeds, innerspring and airbeds that will guarantee you comfort and pleasant sleep. The bedroom temperature and light need to be regulated to enable you to sleep better. You could use the ceiling fan and portable heaters to adjust temperature and window treatments and heavy blinds to control light entering your bedroom.

You can improve your sleeping conditions by designing the room with calm and soothing colors such as muted greens, pastels and blues which enhance peace and tranquility. You can still use bright colors as accents on your pillows or around the artwork. Most important is to keep your bedroom spacious to avoid from tripping over the object when waking up in the middle of the night. A bedroom can serve as your office or library if designed well. 

Different ways to provide heat and lighting in your home

You need to equip your house with the best heating systems to keep your house warm. The heating system options depend on the type of infrastructure of your house. You can keep on changing the system to reflect the climate and the seasons alike. You can use geothermal heat pumps if your home is an underground infrastructure too. The geothermal heat pumps are efficient for the underground house because of its ability to warm cold air from the outside. You can also install solar heating to provide heat in your home regularly. The best option to use is passive solar heating. The heat from the sun passes through the windows and provides warmth for the house. You can keep the thermal mass and absorber in your home to retain the heat as well.

 different textures of fabrics and colors

Learning how to light your home is also the most important factor you should consider. There are different ways of lighting your house. Use of ambient light is for general lighting meant to illuminate the whole house. You can also employ task light for specific lighting. Task light is suitable for reading areas as well. It can be installed under the cabinets and countertops and in the kitchen. Accent light can be mounted to highlight specific objects in your house too. 


In a nutshell, go for a décor that would make you smile. You should understand that an overly decorated house doesn’t translate into being in modern style. A well-decorated home should have appropriate color, lighting, furniture, and heating system. You don’t have to hire a designer to decorate your house, you can do it by yourself.