The kitchen is arguably the heart of the home – the space in which people come together with family and friends to enjoy delicious food and good company. Considered by many to be the most important room in the house, here we take a look at some of the top shelving trends that have made it into our kitchens this year.

Double up

If storage is at a premium, add two rows of shallow shelves. This ticks the same boxes, maximising storage and light.

Be creative

For open plan spaces, divide up the space with an open shelving unit. Such a unique look is very much on trend. According to the kitchen industry body, the Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Specialists Association (KBSA), bespoke kitchens are becoming increasingly popular. Open units mean that everything is to hand; in addition, they are perfect for exhibiting your best china!

Space saving

Floating shelves are great space savers, offering both style and practicality. Options from companies such as combine efficiency with accessibility.

Concept shelving

If you are designing a kitchen around utilitarian contemporary shelves – whether you are going for the industrial shelving in Ireland look or a more classic continental feel – think about adding sliding doors for that extra wow factor. One side can show off your entertaining spirit with glassware and china, the other more everyday items for day-to-day living.

Country charm

For that extra bit of rustic charm, add hooks for tea cups to your shelves. Not only is this a great storage option but also the look captures the character of bygone times, especially if you complement it by painting the unit to reflect a vintage-style design.

Perfect preparation

Functionality is important for every cook, and shelving is part of this. Ensure your space is up to the job of food preparation by adding herb racks and a butcher’s hook for your pots and pans. Keep your kitchen shelves tidy by storing essentials – such as cutlery – in baskets.

Clearing the way

With a whole host of cabinetry solutions on offer this year, clutter-free worktops are possible for even the busiest of cooks! Cupboard-free walls allow freedom of movement in addition to creating space and light, and don’t forget to choose colours and lighting that will complement your kitchen theme.