One drawback to owning lots of awesome electronics is finding enough outlets to plug everything in. With a desktop computer, you likely need extra outlets for a monitor, printer, desktop speakers, wireless router, mobile devices, and other gadgets. For a home theatre system, there’s the television, stereo receiver/amplifier, preamp, subwoofer, speakers, turntable, DVD/Blu-ray player, gaming consoles, and cable set-top box to consider.

The solution– Get an outlet tap/splitter, which would typically be your everyday power surge protector or power strip. While both of these options offer extra outlets, that’s where general similarities end. Most surge protectors are also power strips, but power strips are not surge protectors.

You’re more likely to experience electrical surges and spikes when the local utility company switches power grids and/or has equipment problems. Even though they try to maintain a steady flow of electricity throughout, disruptions happen.

best power strips

Best power strip surge protectors work by diverting excess voltage into the grounding port of a wall outlet. Without this feature, the excess voltage would flow through all connected power cables and cause permanent damage to connected devices. The effect of excess voltage can be as obvious and instantaneous as a filament light bulb burning out with a pop.

When choosing the Best power strip surge protectors, you’ll want to make sure it has:

  • Outlets to accommodate all your electronics.
  •  Enough spacing to fit power bricks
  • Power cable should be long.

You won’t be doing yourself any favours by purchasing a six-outlet surge protector when you have 10 devices to plug in. If you’re uncertain as to the exact number of outlets you need, always go for more since extras are useful.

A surge protector won’t do much good if it can’t reach the closest wall socket. Sure, you could use an extension cord, but doing so doesn’t guarantee full protection and often voids the product warranty. So when in doubt, choose surge protectors with the longest length power cable.

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