Weeds can grow in any soil conditions and are harmful to the growth of plant growths. It is therefore important to remove them regularly. Application of chemicals is an option, but not the most effective one. Infact, they cause a lot of damage to the normal plants and the fruits and vegetables as they leach into it. They also trickle down into underwater.

Fortunately, we have other methods of preventing and controlling weeds. You can make use of pallet of st augustine for the control of weeds. Here are some other methods of controlling weeds without the use of chemicals.

Put a thick lawn cover

You can add groundcover and thick plantings to pull out the weeds from the beds. This will keep the lawn thick and healthy as there will be no place for the weeds to grow. Weeds grow on open spaces when they have available resources. The best way of controlling them is by eliminating the open niches which the weeds take advantage of. You can mow the lawn high and fertilize it optimally to keep the lawn competitive and minimize the problems of weed. You can also reseed the lawns with strong and high-quality grass seed. These seeds will take the roots and there will be no space for the weeds to grow.

Maintain healthy soil

Once you are done with planting the desirable plants, keep them healthy with well-drained, fertile and aerated soil. You can take the soil sample to the soil specialists for testing and creating the optimal fertilization plan. Though weeds can grow in any soil condition, improvements in the soil can minimize the weeds. To reduce the problem of weeds, promote the growth of the desirable plant. On applications of fertilizer, weeds are generally benefited instead of being damaged.

pallet of st augustineTilling

For managing the population of weeds,the soil can be loosened and turned. Tilling should be sone cautiously or else they might simply rotate the seeds of the weed. Tilling simplifies weeding by providing a clean start to the crop. This helps to bury the seeds at the depths where they cannot establish successfully. This is helpful for the seeds which are lying on the surface since previous years. Seeds which are buried atleast four inches deep are more persistent due to the lack of biological activity at this depth.


All these methods will require regular control of the undesirable plants and proper care of the desirable plants. Only then will the growth of weeds minimize without any need for chemical controls.