When it comes to fashion, accessorising probably isn’t top of the list for most men. Finding the right finishing details for an outfit is important though if you want to look stylish and not like you’re trying a bit too hard! Here are some top tips for the best ways to wear a range of accessories:


This can be a minefield with so many styles to choose, how do you know the best pair for your face shape? Face shape can be determined by looking at the area around your eyes to your cheekbones. If you have a square face, then round glasses will work in your favour and most frames will look good on oval-shaped faces. For a heart-shaped face, avoid frames with a heavier top and go with bottom-heavy designs.


Not enough people wear hats these days and they can be the perfect way to add style to an outfit. Casual hats work well with sportscoats and topcoats by giving them a playful edge. It shows that you put effort into your styling but don’t take yourself too seriously. Wide-brimmed hats should strictly be kept for formal occasions and reserved for button-down shirts and blazers.


No longer just the reserve of the office, ties can be worn for any occasion. For a casual look, team up a tie with jeans and desert boots. Go smart but keep your tie loosely tied, almost undone for a slightly rougher, edgy look. Even straight leg jeans teamed up with a button-down shirt look great when worn with a tie. Make sure it’s a narrow tie though as wide ties will date your look. To make a look more fun, opt for a plaid, tartan or other patterned design. Wool ties are popular at the moment too.


The formal rule is to match your belt with your shoes. For everyday style though, you don’t have to stick to this rule. Remember that belts should be 2-3 inches larger than your waist size so be sure to try them on before you buy. If you’re wearing skinny fit or slim leg jeans or trousers, then you can forego the belt altogether or choose to funky things up with a canvas or leather option in the right colour for your outfit. For Mens Designer Clothes, visit  http://www.ejmenswear.com/


Unless you’re a rapper or wear one for sentimental reasons, keep necklaces hidden unless you’re wearing a t-shirt. Medium width silver or gold chains are the only style of necklace that looks stylish on men. Thick gold chains or dangling pendants should be the reserve of rock stars and celebs as they’re hard to pull off for the regular guy.


The proper rocking way for men to wear bracelets is to not have them dangling. They need to be tight, either distressed metal or fabric so as not to be shiny and definitely not of a chain variety. The ideal look is subtle, cool and played down. Surfer-inspired chord bracelets should be worn behind a watch and be restricted to two at the most.