Most restaurant owners want to cut the daily financial costs of business, but it can be difficult if you don’t know how to.

daily financial costs

Thankfully, there are lots of ways to reduce the overall costs of running a restaurant. If you want to cut the costs at your restaurant, here are six tips to help.

Take a Daily Inventory

No business owner wants to assume that their staff would steal from them, but sadly pinching a bottle of booze here and there is a fairly common practice within the restaurant and bar industry. You can ensure that this doesn’t happen by taking a daily inventory to account for all of the food and drinks.

Reduce Deliveries

Deliveries cost money, so if you can cut down from six deliveries a week to four deliveries a week, you will save money. You can do this by being more resourceful with your stock, or you could speak to long-term suppliers to negotiate discounts and lower prices.

discounts and lower prices

Assess Your Menu

Go through your menu and make a note of dishes that are rarely ordered. When you are done, consider if you should improve the dishes or remove them from the menu, as buying the ingredients and not using them is a big waste of money.

This will also improve your menu as well as reducing costs – so it is true that listening to your customers will bring success.

Look at Your Staff

Go over your staff and consider firing anyone who doesn’t pull their weight. It is a difficult job to do, but you shouldn’t be spending thousands of pounds on an employee if they don’t benefit your business.

Consider Buying Second-Hand

If you need new mixers or equipment, you should consider buying a second-hand high-quality option. This is often much cheaper than buying new, although there are some suppliers who provide new options that are also very affordable – and they come with a warranty.

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Be Resourceful

Some old food items can be reused the next day if you are resourceful. For instance, you can use old bread to make croutons, and opened bottles of wine can be used for cooking.