For the beginners SEO may seem like something they cannot achieve. But one thing they must understand is this is not a rocket science. Many concepts involved here may take long term to understand fully but understanding and learning the fundamentals needed is not that difficult. Here are some basic guidelines for beginners about dinoseos.

How it works?

The main aim behind this SEO is helping the crowd who are looking for something they need on web. So, if a business wants to attract this crowd to their website then they must put something on their site which people are trying to find.

Let’s taken an example if a business is selling some sweaters on their website and it puts contents on their pages like varieties of yarn and how to choose them etc. The company thinks that they have all the related thinks about sweaters and they can attract the traffic. But this is not true.


Even though they are providing lot of information about sweaters and its making and they attract huge crowd, issue is they are not getting the right crowd. People who visit this place are the ones who knit themselves. That is because pages are having info about yarn and not about selling sweaters. So, very important thing here is dinoseos SEO plan should be frames with an aim that ‘visitors goals should match the company goals’. It is not about just traffic but about right traffic.


It is really important for a business that is making SEO plans to make a list of right keywords. They must have a great search volume, they must be of less competition, and they must be well related to the business.

There are tools available today which help in framing this list of right keywords. Google’s search based keyword tool is one among them. This is based on the real Google searches. One must log into AdWords account then this will help in providing a list of keyword ideas.

Keywords must be relevant and help in bringing the right traffic. Links given are must be of great quality and compliment the idea of the business.