Nails are the envelopes that cover the tip of the fingers and toes of mammals and other similar animals. The main function of these nails is to protect the inner part of the tip of thelimbs, which includes the hands and the legs. Similar to the claws in animals, they are made up of proteins and other substances like keratin. The nails are exposed externally to the world, and many people, especially women work on their nails to make them look good and presentable altogether. Different products are available for the nails on the internet. One of these websites includes, where a vast collection of items for the nails can be obtained.

Different tools used in nail art

Nail art implies beautification of the nails, or the art done with the nails on order to make them look good. One requires great skills and patience to perform this art successfully and satisfactorily. Some of the tools used in nail art are as follows:

  • Nail paint or nail polish is the most widely used tool for nail art. Different designs can be painted on the nails with the help of these items. Nail polish also plays an important role in protecting the nails.
  • Acetone is used in order to remove the nail paint or nail polish. The acetone removes the nail polish just how an erases removes the pencil marks.
  • Many a times, glitter is used to give a shining effect to the nails. This enhances the beauty of the nails.
  • Small stickers are also available that can be stuck on the nails.
  • Nail extensions are used. These are commonly called fake nails, which are stuck on the real nails. Usually used when the nails are too short and the person wants them elongated for nail art.
  • Acrylic powder is also sprinkled on the nails to give a three dimensional texture which looks quite appealing.
  • Brushes of small sizes are available to paint detailed features on the nails.
  • Special dotters are available nowadays to produce polka dot effects on the nails.

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