Vaping – facts behind the trending technique among smokers

Vaping is a trend which is evolving very fast among the smokers.

So, what is vaping? Vaping is a process of inhaling and exhaling the vapor of liquid through e-cigarettes or some vaping devices. The liquid used in vaping process is nicotine. And also the vaping liquid consists of some flavoring agents, some of the solvents and propylene glycol. The flavoring agents add the taste to the vaping liquid and it is manufactured either naturally or by some synthetic agents.  Vaping liquid does not contain tobacco instead nicotine is used. And the flavors can be changed according to our wish. Many shops are available to make the vaping liquid with the flavor we asked.


Let us see the history of vaping technique.

 To our surprise, in earlier fifties and sixties, smoking is considered as good habit and said that it is used to promote the health of our lungs.

Then after some years i.e. in earlier seventies scientist researched on smoking cigarettes and found a result that it will cause stress and tension. Then results leads to the attention of other scientists and made to invent new information and it was a shocking result to the people in the medical world as well as the people in the world. The shocking is that smoking causes cancer. After eight years of finding the result, the community of medicine agreed that smoking cause cancer.

But the shocking news did not gain the attention of the people who are smoking. Though they are aware of all the known result, they could not quit the habit of smoking.

Hence the vaping technique is introduced. It does not cause as much harm like smoking. So the trend of vaping has started to grow rapidly. The vaping process does not include the inhalation of combustive smoke like cigarettes and it has many flavors. So there is no wonder in the rapid development of vaping among people. Let us go through a brief overview on e liquid.

The important factor in vaping is that we can smoke in public too as it does not cause any harm like real cigarettes to other people. The flavor dominates in                   e-cigarette than the nicotine. Only limited amount of nicotine is used in vaping liquids. Log on to the website to know more about the e cigs.