When we refer to the term Social media, many of us often think about Facebook. However, there is a lot more to just having a Facebook page available for our customers to visit. There is Twitter, Instagram, Meetup.com social meetup groups, and plenty of other social media channels out there that you could be using to improve your business.

One place to look for Social Media is locally. There are often local groups set up that use a blog or a forum that can also be seen as social media. A lot of local businesses miss these groups in which a lot of the time their competitors are active.

If there are no local groups, then of course Facebook is your best bet. The power Facebook allows business owners to personally join group discussions on Facebook as well as have a Facebook business page that members of the group can visit. If you are a business owner, it is always best to setup a new profile rather than use your personal Facebook profile. This way you can separate work from pleasure.

Using Reviews is Extremely Important

Make sure that you set up a business Facebook page rather than just have a personal social media page that people contact or follow you on. The idea is that you can use both, but essentially you want to drive people to connect with your business via the main business page. Here you should have the option for people to leave a review available.

facebook businessSome people don’t like this because it means anyone can leave a bad review about your business. There are some unethical competitors that will do this, but in my experience, it is rarely heard of despite the fact that you must understand it can happen.

If this happens, then all you need to do is make sure that you continue working hard. This way any unscrupulous reviews left on your Facebook page will soon sink as more people commend your services.

Using Multiple Social Media Accounts

Some people prefer a particular Social Media account. For example, if you don’t have a Twitter account, then those people that prefer to use Twitter are going to be more difficult to communicate with. It really doesn’t take much to setup a Twitter account for your business. You can even sync many of the Tweets with your Facebook account to save yourself time when sending out mass communications to your customer base.

Also, having the Twitter account means you open up yet another channel for your customers to get in touch in with your business. Having your telephone number, social media messaging, and a real time chat app as well as email all as open channels helps your business to stay in touch with customers and if you have this setup correctly, you will never miss a message.

This is because all these channels are available on mobile.

Encourage Followers, Likes, and Shares

One of the best things about Social Media is that if you are good enough at it, you can get likes, follows, and shares for free.

Likes: These are great because it means people are endorsing your brand, service, or product

Followers: Having followers is even better than likes because people see you posts on their timeline. It is basically them asking for anything that you post to be shown on their timeline be it Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Shares: Shares are an excellent word of mouth advertising tool. Basically, if someone that likes or is following your business shares/retweets, the message will reach all that person’s friends. Many of those people will not be following your business, but the share may well encourage them to do so if the people the post is shared to like what they see and show interest.

One reason people use services such as Fastlikes is to improve their social media following and likes. It is absolutely true that when you first begin a social media account it is difficult to build up a following. Most of the time if people see one or two followers or likes, they will not feel like they are missing out on anything. All said, the more likes and followers your social media accounts has, the more likely it is to attract more likes and follows.

The issue with using with a paid like or follow service is that your market research may be a little off. However, as long as you keep track of when you initiated a paid like or follows campaign, then you will be able to continue with your market research on social media without much problem at all.

Just make sure you plan it.

A Final Word on Social Media

Weighing up the positive effects of social media is fairly straightforward. By making your business available on Social Media, you are giving your customers a voice as well as a place to get in contact with you. You are firstly giving them a place to comment on your business, you are giving your customers and anyone that connects with your business the chance to review it (this shows you are not hiding anything), plus you are giving your customers as well as potential customers a place to connect with your business.

Making sure you have multiple social media accounts show that you care about how customers prefer to get in contact with you. You should open every communication channel available putting the power of communications in the hands of those that connect with your business.

Finally, once you begin to establish your social media account for your business, more people will give you their vote of confidence. In the end, you are freely offering information about your business and return your business benefits from free word of mouth.