6 Tips and Tricks That You Can Use to Take Your Digital Marketing Campaign to the Next Level in 2018 

The average number of ads served to an internet user in a month is  about 11,000. What this means is that for an ad to grab a user’s attention, it must be very captivating and contain information that is useful to the viewer. Therefore, you need to put a lot of thought into your digital marketing campaign so that you end up with content that will capture your target audience’s attention and ultimately improve your conversion rates. Regardless of the industry in which you operate, there are a few digital marketing hacks that you can use to take your digital marketing campaign to the next level.Whether you are in the oil and gas industry, health industry, automotive industry, or the insurance industry, you can be sure to achieve amazing results from your digital marketing campaign in 2018 by following this guide.

Find ways of getting contact information from your website visitors

For you to be able to take advantage of the traffic you get on your website, you need to get their contact information so that you can market your products or services directly to them via email or otherwise. Using pop-ups is a great way to do this but you need to be careful about where you place them and when they appear because they can be quite annoying to site visitors. It is not a good idea to have popups within a few seconds of a visitor landing on your site. There are several apps that you can use to manage your popups. Alternatively, you can hire a cyber security consultant to do this for you.

Another way of getting your site visitors to give you their contact information is by running contests that require the visitors to give you their information. For these contests to be effective, there needs to be a sense of urgency so that your visitors are compelled to opt into the contests immediately as opposed to later as they may forget. You can advertise the contests on your social media pages as Youi NZ does on its Facebook page.

You can also make use of gated content to get your users to leave their contact details. For instance, if you have very interesting content that you know is on high demand, you can have your users give you their email addresses in exchange for access to whatever it is they are interested in. Many leading websites such as HubSpot have successfully used this strategy. However, you need to be careful not to send away potential customers with this, hence the need to know and understand your audience before attempting to use such strategies.

Match your ads to your landing pages

It is important to match the message in your ads to the content in the landing pages. Internet users get very irritated when they click on an ad only to be taken to a totally unrelated page, even if it is a page on your website. You can easily lose prospective customers through such costly mistakes. They may view it as deception on your part, and this definitely won’t look good to them.

Leverage influencer marketing

Many businesses have grown through referrals and recommendations given by satisfied clients. People tend to trust recommendations given by their friends and family, and influencer marketing is somewhat similar to this. Influencers are people who have huge followings on social media, and are, therefore, in a position to influence their followers to try out certain products or services. You can have an influencer endorse your brand to their followers. This is a proven digital marketing strategy provided you use the right influencer. Again, this emphasizes the importance of knowing and understanding your audience and their needs.

Make use of video marketing

The use of video marketing has been on the rise of late because of its proven effectiveness. People would rather watch videos about products or services than read posts about them. For your video marketing campaign to be effective, your video needs to be interesting and captivating. You need to have a clear message and a call to action in your video so that your audience knows exactly what it is you need them to do. The videos also need to be short but informative. Remember, content is king when it comes to online marketing.

Always be up to date with new digital marketing trends

In digital marketing, the early adopters are the ones who get the most out of new marketing trends. If you want a piece of the pie, it is important to always stay updated on the latest trends so that you can try and incorporate them into your digital marketing campaign. However, this does not mean that you should try out absolutely all trends that emerge. You need to do some research on their effectiveness and also determine whether they are in line with your overall marketing objectives. If not, then there is no point in wasting your resources on them.

Track your digital marketing performance

This trick applies to any project you undertake. You need to know whether the strategies you are using are giving you the results you were hoping for. There are many tools you can use for this including Google Analytics among others. These tools will enable you to know whether your digital marketing efforts are paying off, and the best thing is that they give you actual figures so that you can track your performance over time.


By using the above tips and tricks for your digital marketing campaign in 2018, you can be sure to get amazing results from your digital marketing campaign. Online marketing trends are ever changing, and you should be open to change and always be ready to tweak your marketing campaign to accommodate the changes. Do not be afraid to try out new things; you might be amazed by the results. And if something does not work for you, you can simply stop doing it and try something else. Most importantly, you should always have your long-term goals in mind as you go about your digital marketing campaign.