Today’s digital marketplace is competitive and fast-moving. Strategically utilising the latest web design trends and developments to present audiences with information in innovative and engaging ways is therefore crucial for staying one step ahead of your competition. We are in a constant state of design evolution, and keeping an eye on the newest emerging trends will put you in an excellent position to capitalise on their unique benefits and ultimately enhance the design of your website.

Superior, Refined Features

Providing audiences with an intuitive interface is central to delivering a positive user experience. Web fonts should be carefully selected, with a strong focus placed on those with the ability to work seamlessly across many different browsers. Audiences now expect the very best from every website they choose to visit. Aiming to exceed their expectations is imperative, and sharp web design relies on the perfection of even the smallest of details.


Immediately captivating, cinemagraphs are high-quality gifs or videos that run on a continuous loop. Described by their creators in a Time Magazine article as living photographs, they are effortlessly immersive and add movement and instant appeal to an otherwise very still webpage. When implemented correctly, the power of a singlecinema graph is really quite extraordinary.

Perfected Layouts

When working with a professional web development company in London such as the one that can be seen at, ensuring they demonstrate proficiency when working with grid layouts and card design is crucial to the creation of an aesthetically pleasing and accessible website. Information should always be delivered in both a visually logical and technically comprehensive way, which requires a dynamic design skillset and a clear vision.

AI and Conversational Interfaces

Communicating with your audience is vital, and many more opportunities for engaging in meaningful conversation are emerging. Integrating messaging apps into your interface will assist with the provision of comprehensive customer support experiences, and these technologies are pushing designers to create websites to incorporate these tools in increasingly innovative and interesting ways.

A Refreshing Approach to Text

Experimenting with mixing horizontal with vertically aligned text can provide a certain unique and dynamic aesthetic that looks and feels fresh without compromising on readability. Text doesn’t have to be solely horizontal to be easily comprehensible to audiences who now arguably expect to see unique flair and creativity.