How To Change IMEI Number 1

How To Change IMEI Number

Learn how to change IMEI number for free! Here is what the mobile phone companies don’t want you to know: There are many things in the fine print that we neglect to read and there are even many more things that we forget to ask about when we enter a mobile phone salon to buy a new cell phone device.

One of these things is the IMEI Change activation. We are never asked whether we like it or not, but we just get it regardless. This is the case especially if you buy a cell phone device on a contract with the carrier. Still they fail to mention it which leaves a lot of us in the dark why our mobile phone will not work on a SIM card that has been issued by a carrier that is not the same as the one where the mobile phone was bought.

How To Change IMEI Number Free

The answer is the following: all carriers use this software app to lock your new phones to function on one SIM card only- the SIM card bought from their own stores. This gives the carriers the absolute right to basically use you for your own money.

How To Change IMEI Number

Even though you are the customer here you seem that you don’t have any say in this situation. In case you figure that you want a IMEI Change the carriers will make sure that you pay a lot of money for your reasonable choice and make it seem very unreasonable indeed.

But, this was the scenario before we knew about the How To Change IMEI Number Tool. Now things are changed for good and the carriers have good reasons to hide this simple, yet efficient software application tool. Now everyone, anywhere in the world can perform the 20-minute IMEI Change operation and get a permanently unlocked mobile phone unit.

Do you want to know how is this done? Just read the instructions below and get your cell phone device unlocked in the following thirty minutes.

How To Change IMEI Number Instructions

  1. Find the IMEI code of your mobile phone by dialing *#60*
  2. Download the free How To Change IMEI Number Tool on your laptop.
  3. Open the How To Change IMEI Number Tool and enter your email address, the IMEI code, select the brand and model of your handset and hit Change Now.
  4. Find the unlock code in your inbox after 20 minutes since you have hit the change option and unlock your mobile phone for good!