From Galaxy S8 +, Samsung made a work of art. Options that are flashed to other phones in the headers, such as waterproof standard IP68 or wireless charging, they are taken for granted. And competitors, including Apple’s, have in their quest for further comply with these standards. And the fact that all of this in Samsung was able to achieve, keeping the machine 3.5-millimeter headphone jack, exposes the “bold” decision Apple even more awkward. Samsung continued its efforts and is bringing new flagship Galaxy S9 for the next year. New Galaxy S9 with Android version 8.0 will offer high security to the phone. Its waterproof quality, Corning Gorilla Glass 5, Iris scanner, fingerprint scanner all are amazing and the phone will definitely bear fruit next year.

Together with the Galaxy S8 + headphones supplied by the AKG, the absolute champion of all packaged headphones I have ever used. Same will be followed by Galaxy S9 to give the user a better experience of hearing a soothing sound with foam ear cushions to make your wearing comfort.

Well – to bring the matter to an end – Samsung has supplied a novelty pair of wired headphones from the AKG, beyond comparison the best of all that I had ever get in the kit. I’m not a special audiophile, but the bass, balance, and volume of stuff – beyond praise, they can easily compete with my Power Beats 3.

samsung-galaxy-s9 (1)

Touch sensors

When achieved a ratio of “screen-size” in 83%, Samsung receives Galaxy S8 + is not much space for anything else. In addition to sensors, front panel does not bear any distinctive marks, including the company logo. However, even without a name, written out below the display, S8 + is recognized just as accurately as the iPhone 7. Samsung has fabricated its upcoming flagship smartphone Galaxy S9 very carefully and with fondness. The display of Galaxy S9 is fabulous, very unique. The front panel has no physical buttons, Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on both sides, and an iris scanner is really appreciable. Additionally, outstanding UHD picture quality with its 13MP front camera having a 4K resolution. On the back of the display, present a fantastic 21MP back camera. Moreover, fingerprint scanner in Galaxy S9 will be superb having a higher unlocking speed than Galaxy S8 fingerprint scanner.

How great design unit is turned off, just as well when the screen wakes up. Even if you previously had to use the phone Edge, S8 + still felt as something completely new, where the display edges merge seamlessly with the frame and the angles are elegantly hidden from sight. It is difficult to express the feeling of the words, I’ll try it this way: in comparison with the “eight plus” all other phones, including a similar grace for LG G6, look dull bricks. Obviously, Samsung will make Galaxy S9, flagship of 2018, even more meticulous. The upcoming Galaxy S9 with its promising features and high-powered processors – Snapdragon 845 SoC and Exynos 9810 is completely ready to compete with its rival companies.