Learning art and craft work would be fun. This improves the creativity of the person. Developing DIY skills can be really very helpful in many ways. There are numerous paper folding techniques using which you can create anything. Let us take airplane for example, we might have made simple folding to make an airplane that flies a little distance in our childhood days. Kids make simple folding by which the edge becomes weighing and that helps the paper fly towards your aim. This airplane may not have proper shape or structure. So, how to make the best paper airplane with proper structure and plane like looks? Here are some simple steps using which you can make best airplanes ever.There are several ways to make a paper airplane which are really very simple. It only requires simple materials like thick paper, ruler, scissor, tape or glue.

Basic version of airplane making is really very meek. You can just make that in a minute. Fold the paper into two vertically. This is to make a centre line and then fold the top corners of the papertowards the central line. Fold the top corners again inwards. Then fold the plane by making it into 2D view. Slightly fold the paper to form wings and stick those wings using a double stick tape. Your basic model airplane is ready to fly now. This airplane can fly to some extent or it can fly little distance.

If you are done trying with all the other patterns of airplane making that are simple and easy, then you could try this now. Let’s check how to make the best paper airplane here,

  • Take an A4 sheet or paper with similar thickness.
  • Fold from left with a small folding of 3 to 4 centimetres (do if needed).
  • Fold the paper into two halves vertically to form a centre line.
  • Fold the top left corner along with the line of the paper edge and do it with the other side too.
  • Fold the top of the paper where it makes a triangle, fold the paper towards your side.
  • Fold the triangles further into smaller triangles such that the edge of the plane becomes sharp and thick.
  • Pull out one of the triangles each side to make the wings of the plane.

Finally your plane is done with proper structure and it is capable of flying a quiet far distance.