An admirable religious destination, Haridwar is also known as Gangadwara because it is the first place where the holy Ganges enters the plains. Haridwar offers many sightseeing attractions along with places of religious interests. Historical monuments, ashrams, ghats, ganges river, yoga, and kumbhmela are some of the major attractions in Haridwar. Along with this, secularism and traditions here fascinate people from all walks of life. Whenever you plan to visit Haridwar, hotel booking online would be the easiest and safest way for your comfortable stay.

Among many sightseeing and religious places in Haridwar, there are some places that are usually not included in a travel list. All these places have their own significance and are must-visit:

Bara Bazaar: A shopper’s stop for local as well as foreign visitors, Bara Bazaar is a great place to shop for wooden products.  This market offers plethora of handicrafts, pooja and decorative items. Genuine Rudraksha seeds can be bought from here. To add sweetness in the lives of tourists, it offers ‘Peda’- a sweet made from milk. This sweet has a special place among locals and tourists. Bazaar being situated on Railway Road can be easily accessed via roadways buses and rikshaws.

BhimgodaKund: Located 1km away from HarkiPauri, BhimgodaKund has its historical importance. It is believed that Pandavas stopped in Haridwar to drink water while they are moving to the Himalayas. At that time, Bhima had drawn water from the rocks by thrusting his knee on them. Since then, the place is known as Bhimgoda. The kund is one of the major attractions in Haridwar andis also an architectural feat of this era.

Bharat Mata Temple: Dedicated to Mother India, Bharat Mata Temple is one of the unique and admirable temples in Haridwar. This 8 storey temple houses deities of different Gods and historical heroes. It is an amazing and educating place where Mother India stands in tri colour saree presenting the Unity in Diversity in India. The place knows no bars for language and religion and welcomes everyone.

Sapt Rishi Ashram:The Sanskrit learning point, Sapt Rishi Ashram is located 5kms from Haridwar.The old world charm of the ashram attracts tourists from all over the world. The ashram has mythological reference that Pandavas crossed this place as well while proceeding to Himalayas. Sapt Rishi is referred to seven sages- Kashyapa, Bhardwaja, Gautam, Jamadagi, Vashisht, Vishwamitra, and Atri,who had meditated here. Along with its historical and mythological importance, the place is also stunningly picturesque where Ganges split into seven streams which are now known as SaptSarovar.

Shantikunj:If you are willing to add a spiritual touch to your journey in Haridwar, Shantikunj is the right place. Situated at the banks of river Ganges, it is a center of learning as well as social and spiritual awakening. Tourists seeking spiritual guidance are welcomed here.Guidance on Sixteen Sanskars, VicharKranti Abhiyan, Self-reliant Development of Rural India, Methods of Sadhna, Ayurveda, Empowerment of women, transformation of youth through Shiksha and Vidya.

All these places present a new and a different yet admiring side of Haridwar that makes it a perfect city to visit for religious and spiritual reasons. Along with this, the place has something for everyone be it in the form of temples, kunds, ashrams, bazaars, and many more. It is a year-round destination and welcomes tourists all over the year to experience the true religion. There are plenty of ashrams and hotels to stay, but for Haridwar, hotel booking online proves beneficial and help you avoid inconvenience.