Ipoh is considered as the best renaissance for the backpackers and it is city of mid-size and can be reached over night from Kuala Lumpur and Penang. As Ipoh is known for its famous white coffee, many new coffee shops and craft shops are blooming in the historic places of the city. When you have planned a trip to visit this historic place then the best choice of transportation will be travelling bus from KL to Ipoh.

The key to enjoy in the heritage city of Ipoh is by sight sprawls and you can start visiting the places from the laneways and proceed to the historic buildings. While travelling by bus to reach the specified destination then it is possible to watch the scenic beauty of the area. It is good to keep the trail map so that you can have sound knowledge about the places that you want to visit. Since the country of Malaysia has many Indian’s heritages, the city of Ipoh also has a little India where you can find the glittering craft shops and also some good eateries.


The city is mainly known for its food items and they have classical food items like puddings and many local canteens who serve their traditional cream bean curd pudding. The north of the city is covered with hotels which can provide good accommodation for the tourist. These hotels can be available in low cost and with all the facilities available. The main attraction of the city is the coffee shops and most of the Indian’s gets attracted by their good coffees.

Many Indian tourist visit the place as the city has most scenic beauty and it is the good place away from the routine life. This city has Kinta Valley in the middle which is located on the banks of Kinta River. Many tourist come to the city as the city is covered by hills and mountains in all the sides. The climate of the city is also an added advantage as it is has the climate of tropical rainforest.