Web check-ins are making the process of checking-in at the airport easy by simply saving you time and effort. But there’s more to why they are a great way to start your travel. Here’s everything you need to know about web check-ins. And why they are a good option, especially with some airlines. 

Before understanding the perks of web check-ins, you need to understand what it means. Web check-in is the process which allows passengers to confirm their presence on a flight without being at the airport. It’s a virtual confirmation to the airline. How web check-ins help you travel better and why you should opt for them is something that is also subjective to the airlines you are flying with.

  1. Get Your Preferred Seating

This is great for people who are looking for specific seats. Depending on the airlines and career, you can enter the preferred seat. For instance, if you want an aisle or a window seat. Do you want to sit in the front or right at the back? You can choose where you sit. This saves you the trouble of settling with an inconvenient option in case you are late to reach the airport, and all the good seats are taken. Moreover, it saves you the trouble of haggling with the airline official at the check-in counter for giving you your preferred seating.

  1. Get Your Preferred Meals

Many passengers don’t even know what they’ll be served on a long flight. In situations like these, web check-ins come in handy. Whether long distance Cochin to Delhi or short Delhi to Ahmedabad flights, you can now get just the meal you want (subject to availability of choices) by only checking in on the web.

  1. Get Your Boarding Pass Faster

Most airlines have separate counters for passengers who have done web check-ins. This helps save time as it’s faster and smoother for both, passengers and the airlines too. These services are promoted by carriers to ensure that it reduces the time spent by people at the check-in counter. Moreover, the queues here are usually shorter than the normal check-in queues.

  1. Check in Your Luggage Sooner

This is one advantage that comes in handy if the airlines you are travelling with offers you a drop off the aisle. In simpler words, some carriers have designated counters for web check-ins. You just have to drop off your bags here, and the rest is taken care of.

The thing to remember here is, not all airlines offer you the services mentioned above. The quality and comfort of a web check-in also depend on the airlines you are flying with. Also, some of the services like selecting seats may be chargeable in some of the airlines. A Go Air Web Check in, for instance, may offer few different perks than a web check in offered by Air India. Thus, before you opt for web check-in, find out what your airline has to offer.

Airlines around the world are using web check-ins, as a means to promote smoother travel. Be it baggage allowance, early check-in or food; web check-in brings you a better part of the deal, always!